A year ago today, the people of Massachusetts passed a constitutional amendment on the Massachusetts ballot that raises taxes on the very rich—the Fair Share Amendment.

You remember the drill: the Fair Share Amendment adds a 4% tax on each dollar of someone’s yearly income after their first $1 million. It raises over $1 billion dollars a year, all constitutionally dedicated to education and transportation.

Now that it’s been a year since our historic victory, we’re looking back on what Fair Share dollars—and your vote that made them possible—have done for Massachusetts.

Today, Fair Share is launching a new campaign: Paid for by Fair Share. It’s a statewide effort to let people know what Fair Share is already paying for, and what your votes to pass it are doing for all of us in Massachusetts. Here’s a sneak preview:

These are only some of the amazing things the Fair Share Amendment has done—and just in the first year. We’re really proud of our work together to pass this first-in-the-nation constitutional amendment. And we’re going around the state to make sure everyone in Massachusetts knows just what Fair Share is paying for: education and transportation for the people.

In solidarity and celebration,

The Fair Share team and the new Paid for by Fair Share team