Coalition for Social Justice Education Fund is proud to share exciting news from Raise Up Massachusetts, of which CSJ Ed Fund are proud co-founders. In November 2022, Massachusetts voters passed the Fair Share Amendment, choosing a fairer tax system and guaranteeing that the richest one percent will pay more to fund our schools, colleges, roads, bridges, and public transit. 

With the legislature’s passage of a final FY24 annual state budget, voters can now see exactly how the first $1 billion dollars from the Fair Share Amendment will be spent (through June 2024). 


Roads and Bridges $150 million
Construction and reconstruction of municipal roads and bridges $100 million
Construction, preservation, reconstruction and repair of state bridges $50 million
Public Transportation $301.5 million
MBTA infrastructure and operations, including: ● $20 million for the commuter rail system; ● $50 million for bridge repair, rehabilitation and replacement; ● $70 million for station and accessibility improvements; ● $30 million for subway track and signal improvements; ● $20 million for workforce and safety improvements; ● $10.8 million for design of the Red-Blue connector; and ● $5 million to study a low-income MBTA fare program Improvements at regional transit authorities (RTAs); including: ● $56 million for expanded service hours, weekend services and route expansions; ● $15 million for fare free pilot programs; ● $15 million for an innovation grant program; and ● $4 million to support expanded mobility options for older adults, people with disabilities and low-income individuals$205.8 million $90 million
Pilot program for operational assistance to ferry services $5.7 million
Transportation Infrastructure $25 million
Matching funds for state or municipal transportation projects eligible for federal funding$25 million


K-12 Public Schools $224 million
School building improvements, including: ● $100 million for school construction projects that have been impacted by unanticipated cost escalations; and ● $50 million for projects to install or maintain clean energy infrastructure in K-12 public schools$150 million
Reimbursement of school districts for the costs of providing universal free school meals$69 million
Expansion of early college, workforce, technical and innovation pathway programs$5 million
Public Colleges and Universities $229 million
Financial aid for Massachusetts public college students, including: ● $84 million for general financial aid ● $25 million for students pursuing an in-demand profession$109 million
Free community college, including: ● $20 million for the MassReconnect program to provide free community college for students ages 25+ this fall $18 million for free community college for nursing students this fall ● $12 million toward implementing free community college for all students beginning in fall 2024$50 million
Deferred maintenance of physical buildings at institutions of higher education $50 million
Endowment match program for public colleges and universities $20 million
Early Education and Care $70.5 million
Reducing the waitlist for income-eligible early education and care programs$25 million
Salaries, benefits and stipends for professional development of early educators at center-based subsidized early education and care providers$25 million
Capital improvements to build capacity and accommodate additional early education and care slots$15 million
Expansion of pre-kindergarten or preschool opportunities $5.5 million

Legislators are delivering on the promise of the Fair Share Amendment by making new investments in transportation and public education. These major new investments will deliver real improvements to the infrastructure that drives our state’s competitiveness, from a functioning statewide transportation system to the public schools and colleges that produce our in-demand, educated workforce.